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Cosmetic surgery for Women - Face Lift
Notes for Guidance

This ageing process is genetically controlled, but over the years these biological influences are accelerated by excess exposure to sunlight, by the effect of gravity, and general stress and strain.

Thus the skin sags, resulting in the looseness, folds and wrinkles that we associate with age. This happens to different people at different chronological ages, which can mean that a person may look older than they might be, or wish to look, or in fact feel. Indeed, age is more an attitude of mind - one is as young as one feels.

There is no substitute for the facelift operation if facial sagging is predominant, muscle tone is poor, and lines and wrinkles that once disappeared naturally have become a permanent feature - only a surgical facelift will provide a significant improvement.


Face / Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)


Twilight with local or General

Hospital stay

1 night, or more if necessary

Removal of stitches

7-10 days

Return to work

2 weeks

Full recovery

3 - 6 months

After care

Massage face with moisturising cream

The Operation

It should be noted that in any facelift operation the skin is not drastically stretched, it is only put under a similar tension comparable to that previous to ageing and sagging. This is a rejuvenating process.

The operation time is two to three hours, or more, for a standard facelift procedure. The time varies depending on the complexity of the case. An overnight stay in the hospital is required. Sometimes two nights are required but the surgeon will decide on these points in discussion with you. After the operation, the face is bandaged in compression dressings and facial movements must be restricted for the first few days. Stitches are removed between five to twelve days after surgery, and normally after about two weeks you will be able to return to work and to socialise as normal.

Patience is required however, as the time it takes for the facelift to settle down properly and for the full effect to be achieved is three to six months. Post-operatively it is helpful to massage the face with moisturising cream.

This web site has been prepared to give a basic understanding of the procedure before a consultation takes place, and to cover many of the questions frequently asked about this type of cosmetic surgery. Any risks and potential complications, together with any questions you may have, will be discussed fully at consultation with the surgeon. Final decisions should not be made until an individual assessment has taken place with the surgeon.

There is no obligation on the part of the patient to undergo surgery by attending for consultation. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a consultation please do not hesitate to call us.


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